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KHatypov Artur Robertovich

Name: Khatypov Arthur R.
Position: Head of the commercial Department of the data center, GAU "it-Park»
Age: 24 years
Term, period of work in the company: 4 years
Your professional credo: the Main thing is to go to your goal

I am sure that such qualities as stubbornness, prudence and creativity help people to achieve success and be leaders. It is very important on your life path to clearly see the ultimate goal and strive to achieve it, because it is on how you do your current job, depends on your future career. Don't forget that!

At the time, I made the right choice when I entered the KNRTU-KAI on the specialty "Automated information processing and management systems (by industry)", as it was my education that determined the vector of my further professional development. I have always been interested in the field of it, and I am glad that I can improve and grow in this area.
I started my career in the it Park as a sales Manager of the data center, but then I could not imagine the importance of his work. Now I understand that the development of high technologies is impossible without such sites. During these 4 years of work in the Technopark, I pumped my competence in technical aspects, gained new knowledge in technology, grew professionally and learned how to manage the most expensive asset - people.

Of course, being a leader is a great responsibility. You must not only solve the problems facing your Department, but also competently organize the work of the whole team, to find an approach to each employee. It is important to always remember that your team is the key resources to solve any problem. Listen to your employees and trust them!

Today my professional activity motivates me to move forward, to reach new heights. It is no secret that the it sector is one of the fastest growing, so specialists in this field should always improve their professional skills and competencies. The staff of our Department is a symbiosis of several professions and fields of activity. To effectively perform their duties, the employees of the commercial Department of the data center must have not only technical knowledge, but also have the competence of a financier, a lawyer and a salesman, because they are the important link between the client and the company.

While working in the it Park, I realized that I do not need to wait for the perfect moment. Create, create, experiment. No matter what field you work in. Yes, maybe the first time will not work, but you can not give up. I am very glad that I work with such creative and interesting people. We're charging each other. In our team, we always work to achieve results, we do not come to work just to sit out the required hours of working time. We really enjoy what we do.

I want to appeal to those guys who are just starting their careers, do not be afraid to try something new. On your way there will always be difficulties and problems that will seem insurmountable, but it is your perseverance, faith in your own strength and thirst for new knowledge that will help you achieve the desired goal. Overcome yourself and continue to grow and improve.

KHatypov Artur Robertovich
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